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04/12/2016 3:32 pm  

Hello!  Railway Records all started based on one common theme-community.  The vision of a crazy idea that began in Chicago's far north side neighborhood of Rogers Park has evolved and changed over the last 5 years or so, but one thing that hasn't is that strong sense of musical community.

As the admin for the Railway Records website and drummer for the band Midwestern Lull, I have become increasingly overwhelmed with all of the different social media and entertainment platforms out there that vie for our attention.  All of the Railway artists are pretty active trying to keep up with social media, and all-in-all, I think places like Facebook have generally been positive for getting the musical word out there.  The downside to all of that, which anyone who reads this is probably aware, is that social media platforms are in it for one thing-profit.  Artists can post Facebook events, statuses, reminders, and links all day long, but the truth is that their message is probably only reaching a fairly small percentage of the people who might genuinely be interested in what's going on.

I added this forum to the new Railway Records website in order to hopefully bridge the gap between our "real lives" as musicians and fans, and the "digital lives" that we are spending more and more time devoting ourselves to.  Hopefully, we can have some fun and meaningful discussions about upcoming releases, shows, current events, and anything else that we feel like getting the word out about.  

I've started out by giving each artist their own forum category.  Members are encouraged to request for the creation of any new categories.  So, register for your account, and stop in to say "hi."  Let's get going building our online Railway community, and see what happens from there.  Thanks for visiting!


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