New Release: Midwestern Lull-Farmhouse Sessions

Midwestern Lull-Farmhouse Sessions



RELEASE DATE: 12/03/2016



  1. Sunshine
  2. Thoughts
  3. Sunday Clouds
  4. Friend of Mine
  5. Something’s Happening
  6. Time Flies By
  7. Farmhouse Ditty


The bones Midwestern Lull’s FARMHOUSE SESSIONS were tracked 2006 in the centuries old farmhouse of the band’s drummer, Mark Toliusis. Engineered entirely by Toliusis and (then) lead guitarist, Erik Sebastian, the release is a testimony to the potential of the DIY recording movement that has recently picked up considerable steam in the roots music arena. Tim Dolbear of Austin Texas’ Eclectica Studios put the finishing touches on the release, and the final sounds nothing short of a major, national release.

Apart well-tracked, quality instrumental work, lead singer, Dave Johnson’s lyrics make this a real “if these walls could talk” kind of recording. “Sunday Clouds” harkens back the death of Johnson’s father after being dealt the short end of the stick by a common, routine heart operation. Other lyrics that stand out are those of “Something’s Happening,” which was originally Johnson’s protest song reaction to September 11, but applies no less to today’s American political climate: “Some things are hard enough to live through, and children don’t understand. War is our only resolution, and I’m peaceful man.” It’s difficult to listen to Johnson and not, at least for a second, think Neil Young- in a good way. His other writing on the EP is largely metaphorical, and easy for the listener to connect with on their own level.

For a band that’s been around for going on 16 years, this freshman release has been expected a long time coming among area roots music circles. FARMHOUSE SESSIONS packs a surprising amount of depth and variety within seven songs. Midwestern Lull plans to tour more aggressively throughout the region in support of the release. All tour dates are listed on the band’s website.