Welcome to the New Railway Records


Railway Records all started as crazy idea between a handful of musicians in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood back in the beginning of 2011. They didn’t have any records to release at the time, but they did have a shared vision to come together to make some great musical things happen. Fast forward to the end of 2016, and some of those crazy ideas make a whole lot more sense. Some of the Chicago venues that Railway musicians called home for years have closed their doors, some of the bands on the original roster have either broken up or restructured, new bands and solo artists have been added to the roster, and some new records have been released along the way. It’s been over five years since Railway began, and the music still hasn’t stopped!

It was time to restructure everything: a newly focused vision better aligned with current social media and digital device usage habits has paved the way for a newly designed web presence. New resources have made it easier for Railway musicians to connect more effectively with their listeners. Hopefully, you find that the new website is streamlined, easy to navigate, and works well on your mobile device.

We hope you love the new RailwayRecords.com. Let us know, and let’s keep the music playing for years to come!